Broken Sword: The Angel of Death: Friv Review

The Broken Sword series is undoubtedly well known to every connoisseur of the quest genre. What's there to be modest - with deep respect for the genius advenchurnogo series, Charles Cecil (of Charles Cecil) the vast majority of gamers around the world. For ten years now, the brave George Stobbart has been unraveling the secrets of religious orders, saving the Earth from the apocalypse and making yet another beauty fall in love with himself. But be that as it may, and the "ducat" is a term. And for the game series, the period is very, very solid. So the developers from Revolution Software had no chance to miss such a significant event .

Preparations for the anniversary began three years ago. It was then that the developers announced the fourth part of "Broken Sword" - Broken Sword: The Angel of Death (agree, not a very festive title). The tasks for the game were rather big. Despite the warm reception of The Sleeping Dragon in the journalistic environment, the third part was not a very successful project. The absence of the classic point-and-click scheme, frequent action-interspersing and endless fiddling with boxes did not allow The Sleeping Dragon to stand on the same level as the original dilogy. To return the series to its former quality level, a new creation of the studio was called upon. Whether the game makers coped with their goal is a rather rhetorical question. From the console habits, clearly manifested in the triquel,Broken Sword never got rid of it completely. However, the experience of past developments has done its job - "Angel of Death" is much more similar in spirit to the first two episodes than the three-year release.

Parting with the beautiful Nico Kollar, who preferred to return to Paris to the society of a blue-eyed blonde, the permanent protagonist, already a tetralogy, engaged in peaceful affairs, namely, he opened a private law office. But George and his friend always had minor problems with public law issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that after a while, their great idea made life long. The money received from the contracts was barely enough to pay the bills, and the paperwork began to cause only slight irritation. The failed lawyer, as always, was saved from the hopeless crisis by chance. This case turned out to be a fragile girl Anna Maria... Having rushed headlong into the office of the company, the young lady made the protagonist an offer, which he could not refuse - to save her from the bandits following on the heels in exchange for a substantial fee. It turned out that the reason for the start of the chase was much more interesting to George than the potential jackpot. A pretty representative of the weaker sex is the keeper of a family heirloom - an ancient manuscript containing the secret of the location of some priceless artifact. Of course, the notorious villains who wished to be among the first owners of the mysterious relic got wind of such a unique inheritance. So now Anna has only one and only way out - the first to get to the treasure. Well, to help her in this must, or rather must, a true adventurer - Mr. Stobbart.

Already at the beginning of the opening episode, the game shamelessly demonstrates acrobatic inserts from the notorious The Sleeping Dragon . Driven to the top of the skyscraper by the glavger, he effortlessly overcomes various obstacles, unquestioningly obeying the pressing of a single key, and the player on the other side of the screen begins to think about the value of developer's promises. However, this disgrace does not last too long: the arcade elements are replaced by the classic leisurely gameplay, so familiar to us from Shadow of the Templars .

True, completely abandon the stealth elements of Revolution Softwarenever succeeded. Several times during the game you will have to sneak on tiptoe behind the villains, calculate the routes of patrols and pretend in every way to pretend to be a real spy, a la Sam Fisher. The Angel of Death also did not go without timed tasks. Although this time they do not require a superhuman reaction and iron nerves. Everything is pretty simple and pliable. It didn't work the first time - try again, and so on until the desired goal is finally achieved. In general, the game, in terms of the arcade component, has become noticeably easier. Perhaps this happened due to the appearance of a sane camera and the refusal of game developers to develop console versions. In any case, the number of gray hairs on the head, as it passes, will not increase.

Quest partThe angel of deathvery conservative. In the company with the acting characters, you will methodically explore numerous corridors and catacombs, communicate with outstanding personalities and solve various puzzles. The situation with the latter is somewhat ambiguous. The meditation with the boxes seems to have been removed, but in their place were the monotonous tasks of hacking computer security systems. With the help of the now fashionable PDA, George is able not only to keep diary entries and game statistics, but also to connect to electronic servers for the purpose of their subsequent "hacking". To gain access to computer databases, you have to solve the same problem over and over again: to conduct the flow of information from the starting point to the end point, "reflecting" it from the dummy servers. A kind of modern interpretation of the famous puzzle about a ray of light and a bunch of mirrors. As mentioned above, you have to do these things quite often, ten to twelve times. But the very essence of the development idea is that from time to time the level of complexity makes a solid step forward. Initially, a novice hacker will attack small, private servers, and at the end of the campaign, the protagonist will start breaking into the US military department.

But there are not so many complaints about the rest of the brain-breaking part. Traditional riddles are solved by no less traditional way of wandering around locations, searching for active objects and using them in the most intricate combinations. Sometimes the main characters will resort to using the manuscript. The ancient document contains enough clues and information suitable for overcoming this or that obstacle.

The main trump cards of the series - sparkling humor, captivating dialogues and vivid characters - successfully migrated to the fourth part. Each conversation with a new acquaintance turns into hilarious communication, which does not fit into the overall serious atmosphere of the game. The elements of solidity, oddly enough, are introduced by a mature glavger. Since our previous meeting, George has begun to allow himself to walk around with three days of stubble, make adult jokes and cynically perceive the world around him.

The virtual space, by the way, looks exactly the same as it did three years ago. The tiny sizes of locations, very poor interiors of premises, muddy textures, models showing their sharp limbs and other remnants of the console expansion do not allow The Angel of Deathcorrespond to the modern level of technical performance. But the cursor was returned to us. A real mouse cursor that changes depending on the action you choose.
The sound is as always on top. The musical accompaniment pleasantly caresses the organs of hearing, and the voice acting of the characters makes you respect the professionalism of the actors who worked on the game. We hope that the localized version, " Broken Sword: Angel of Death ", will be able to boast of equally high-quality voices. " Buka ", do not skimp on fees!

And again, Revolution Software failed to reach the level of the original BS-dilogy. The angel of deathcame out extremely contradictory. In some incomprehensible way, the game combines yesterday's graphics and excellent sound, loose dialogues and a seriously bloodthirsty atmosphere, interesting findings and stamped puzzles. Should I put up with it? Perhaps, but let everyone decide for themselves. However, it is worth considering that it will definitely not be possible to fly through the game in one evening, as was the case with The Sleeping Dragon . But is there enough patience?

Pros: unsurpassed humor; excellent voice acting; curious plot; fascinating, at times, riddles.
Cons: faded graphics; gameplay blunders and absurdities migrated from the previous part.